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How Face Masks Can Cause Acne & How to Prevent Breakouts

Wearing your face mask could be causing acne. Prevent acne breakouts by reinventing your beauty routine + choosing the right mask for your skin.    We’re not talking about a charcoal scrub or a cucumber stick-n-peel face mask (we wish). This is all about COVID-mandated face masks. You know, the latest and greatest fashion accessory of 2020 (and probably 2021 too).  If your surgical or cloth face mask gave you pimples, you’re preaching to the choir here. Let’s talk about “maskne.”   Why Wearing a Face Mask Can Cause Acne The skin is naturally sensitive to anything it comes into contact with, but some things are worse for breakouts than others. Simply touching your face too much can cause acne. So, it’s no wonder that acne can pop up from wearing a face mask.  In case you’re curious, the technical term for this phenomenon is maskne (aka acne mechanica). When your face mask rubs against your skin, it causes friction and irritation- per Gundersen’s Dr. Abigail L. Taub.  Maskne gets even worse if you start to sweat. That friction from fabric-against-skin can lead to inflammation of the pores and aggravated skin cells. Thus, pimples start to pop up, and a breakout ensues.   How to Prevent Breakouts (Masks That Don’t Cause Acne) There are two parts to the story. First and foremost, you must choose a mask that does not cause acne to prevent breakouts. Sounds logical, right? Go for the best fabric for your skin type- always. We love silk and breathable cotton. If you’re unsure which type of fabric will prevent acne and which will give you pimples, test out a few. Try wearing a surgical face mask for a few days and monitor how your skin reacts. Do the same with a standard cloth mask. If you don’t have sensitive skin, you will probably be in the clear for either/or. These two face masks that prevent acne are our favorites. Blissy- cotton & rayon fabric infused with copper and silver nanoparticles. MDacne- handmade 100% pure mulberry silk fabric that is extremely soft and gentle.   Upgrade Your Beauty Routine Too Choosing a mask that prevents pimples is only half the story. Once you have swapped your acne-causing face mask for one that fights it, move to the next step. Upgrade your beauty routine. Maintaining your skin is just as essential and WILL make a difference no matter what the circumstances are.  Using Facial Oil  A high-quality facial oil should be your go-to beauty product no matter the season. CURE Facial Oil  will help prevent breakouts before they even start. It’s also a fan-favorite for healing and hydrating all skin types. Cleaning the Skin  Cleanse your face daily with a hydrating, acne-fighting wash. Opt for a product that has benzoyl peroxide and use it once per week. Benzoyl peroxide is best used sparingly, so cleanse with a gentle product in-between weekly use.  Washing Masks This is not necessarily a beauty routine, but PLEASE wash your beloved fabric face mask. Use a gentle laundry detergent or hand wash if needed. Dead skin cells and all sorts of bacteria get trapped in the fabric, so clean it at LEAST once per week.