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4 Must-Know Winter Skin Tips for All Dry or Acne-Prone Skin Types

Winter is finally rolling around here in the United States, and you know what that means: a resurgence of dry, flaky, or acne-prone skin. Many women (and men) struggle with finding the perfect skincare routine during the winter. So, if you find yourself searching for winter skincare tips to combat the cold, you’re definitely not alone. Those chilly months seriously dehydrate all skin types. 

Lack of moisture in the air (winter) does nothing for our skin. In fact, it works against us, pulling water out, chapping lips, and causing a less-than-glowy appearance. Everyday Health goes into more detail about what exactly causes dry skin. Never fear, ladies. These four must-know winter skin tips will transform your appearance from flaky to flawless. 


Hydrate the Skin

This must-know tip almost goes without saying, but to prevent winter skin damage, hydration is non-negotiable. With so much moisture being pulled from your skin due to the cold air, one must put water back in it to balance out of the effects and get that supple appearance women and men want. Lotions are what many people reach for to hydrate, and others can’t go a day without their favorite skincare oil.


Use Organic and Natural Skin Oils

Most people associate face oils with being- well- too oily or greasy. Some women even think that oils are not compatible with their skin type. I’m here to debunk that age-old myth and offer a skincare tip that will change the game forever: use organic, natural, hemp-based skin oils. Seriously, hemp-based oils are revolutionary. They not only combat winter dryness, but they also reduce inflammation and prevent acne breakouts on ALL skin types.


Invest in a Humidifier 

If your home is naturally a bit dry during the winter, investing in a humidifier can help prevent loss of moisture. Our skin serves as a "barrier" to keep moisture in our bodies. When the air is cold and dry, water evaporates off of our skin at a much faster rate. Humidifiers fill your home with just enough moisture to replace what you’ve lost out in the elements. Using humidifiers are also great if you love blasting the heat or taking long, hot showers in the winter. 


Exfoliate Less Often

Changing one’s exfoliation habits is a definite must-know winter skincare tip because it can make or break your routine. If your skin is super dry, then you shouldn’t exfoliate. Exfoliating will only make the dryness and flakiness worse. However, if your skin is showing signs of acne or inflammation, then GENTLY exfoliate. Your skin might be perfectly fine for exfoliation, but either way, try to cut back the times you exfoliate to once per week.


Winter Skin Tips That Are Game-Changing

Follow our time-tested winter skincare tips and watch your skin transform before your eyes. Winter is a magical time of year, but it lays a heavy toll on the body. Remember, hydrating is critical. Use the skincare products & practices that suit your lifestyle best. Any of the tips above are suitable for all skin types, so grab a hemp-based facial oil or a humidifier and start prepping for the chill. 

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