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5 Ideas To Make Mother's Day Special (During COVID-19)

"Mom, a title just above Queen."

Hard to believe we have to do social distancing for Mother's day. Sunday's festivities may be different from the usual but there are still creative ways to make your mom feel special.


Group video call

In addition to giving a call to your mom, hop up on a video call (FaceTime, Zoom, Houseparty, Google Hangouts, or Skype) and share a virtual “cheers” with other members of your family, or friends! 


Mail something special

Whether your mom lives across the country or across town, everyone loves to receive something special in the mail. Send her flowers or a gift to let her know she’s on your mind, or mix it up with a delivery order right to her door from a favorite takeout restaurant.


Tour a museum, virtually

Art lovers may enjoy visiting a museum. This year, you can visit museums around the world and even hop from one museum to another.

Take some of the virtual museum tours we listed in #9 in our article Coronavirus Virtual Experiences at Home: Animals, Music, Art, World Travel, Museums, Theme Parks


Relax together

Another way to spend some quality time with your mom, virtually or in person, is to relax together. You could watch your favorite movie or also do a jigsaw puzzle, sudoku, or crossword puzzle together. If you’re not in the same household, it doesn’t have to be the same puzzle. The goal is to enjoy an activity together.


Make a charitable donation 

With so many out of work, there is a greater need this Mother's Day for assistance, and your mom might be touched by a donation to help other families.

Popular associations such as Baby2Baby, have been helping children and families by distributing necessities like diapers, clothing, and hygiene products for kids living in poverty. 


 Sources: USA TODAY, Fox News, Daily Caring. 

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