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How Face Oils Can Benefit Your Oily Skin

"Face oils will make my breakouts worse."

Unfortunately, we've heard it more than once. It may surprise you but avoiding oil ingredients in skincare may lead to skin dryness which can maintain oily skin and breakouts. In this blog, we want you to understand how face oils can actually benefit oily and acne-prone skins.


What are Face Oils?

Facial oils can include any fragrant plant oils (also called essential oils), non-fragrant plant oils (also called carrier oils), or synthetic oils (such as mineral oil). Face oils are often plant-based and are typically derived from the various parts of plants — flowers, leaves, roots, etc. And since they can include a range of potent ingredients, the potential benefits are endless.


Face Oils For Oily Skin

It can be confusing why face oils are good for oily skin. If you have oily skin, why would you want to add more oil to it? Your skin produces a lot of oil, but it doesn’t mean it’s moisturized. Many people with oily skin use products that can strip away those oils. This can cause your skin to create even more oil, disrupting its natural balance and leading to clogged pores and that extra greasy feeling. Face oils help keep moisture in the skin, which in turn keeps your skin from over-producing oil to try and compensate for over-drying the skin.


Face Oils For Acne-Prone Skin

While they're mostly known for their hydrating properties, face oils can also aid your acne-prone skin and provide antibacterial and healing properties. Our face oil CURE, for instance, will prevent skin breakouts and balance the skin oil production while reducing inflammation. We handcraft this wonderful oil at a perfect concentration to ensure the best results.

 If you would like to learn more on the power of each ingredient we include in our face oil CURE, click here!


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