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How it started...

Hi! I'm Lucie, founder of REBORN by oil. At the age of 23, I started struggling with skin breakouts after switching my birth control method. All the things I tried including medicated creams did not improve the situation. I felt it was time to stop using these chemical products and started to look for a truly different solution. I wanted something natural and organic that is gentle to the skin yet effective. After months of research, I created an oil combining the best natural ingredients with recognized benefits for your skin. In 30 days, my face dramatically improved and after 2 months the problem was gone. I was reborn.

Today, I'm happy to finally bring this oil to you. I hope this one will be a great addition to your skincare routine!

My Mission

I want to empower your skin by offering the best natural oil to add to your skincare routine. Each oil is hand prepared, organic and perfectly balanced to ensure the best results. I believe in the power of plants and use hemp seed oil in every recipes. Hemp seed oil is a natural alternative to skin medication and will do wonders for skin experiencing breakouts.